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Thread: Tori albums with spelling errors

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    Tori albums with spelling errors

    There's no one around to stop me from doing this, so let's go....

    Lotta Earfquacks

    01. Cruitify
    02. Gil
    03. Slint all the yerds
    04. Pregos tings
    05. Witner
    06. Harpy phattum
    07. Chinna
    08. Lettus
    09. Mudder
    10. Turn in ya head
    11. Mega anggun
    12. Lurdle Quackearths

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    01 Party gud err
    02 Go
    03 Bills from hur
    04 Pasta meshun
    05 Biker biker
    06 Teh wong ban
    07 Tea, wahtress
    08 Curdflak gull
    09 I seagull
    10 Clownd on my tum
    11 Stay dog
    12 Yep Anastacia

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    How about alternate titles?...

    Small Disasters

    Hung on cross
    Young Female
    Mouth closed for a very long time
    Fragile individuals
    4th Quarter
    Ghost with smile on it's face
    Shiny crockery
    Cow Skin
    Pushed a baby out of vagina person
    Wet palm due to eye leakage
    Weapon ownership
    Small Disasters

    Blood, Bones and fat

    Twelve months of okay
    Fictional creator
    She has chiming metal
    Over there!
    Put ingredients together person Put ingredients together person
    False collective of musicians
    She who takes your order
    Corn-based Cereal fem
    String of very cold water that could be very sharp at the end
    Gas on wiggly mouth muscle
    Canine Astronaut
    Indeed, Russian Gal with a name beginning with A
    They say you were something in those formative years...

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    Men for a Brazilian soccer player

    JonBenét Ramsey/Patti Smith album
    Flowers made of some red fluid
    Daddy Satan
    Courtney Love
    Mr. Horse With Vitiligo
    Mary Ann
    You can actually get fat if you get a flu
    Me and the messenger of God
    Hey you, the one that's before Uranus
    Martin Shkreli's existence
    A tiny place where you can smoke pot and see hookers on the street
    A movie with Ellen Page
    The green baron
    Homer Simspson's favorite song
    March, April, May and June according to D'Angelo
    Hurt. Not the NIN one.
    Gleam of light
    When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there.

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    I got a red dot for this, so of course I will continue to post in my original format:

    Beatty Queen/Herses
    Blot Rises
    Fatter Loserfer
    Probably Window
    Dr. Zumba
    Cat a light sleeves
    Miami my fren
    Heh, Juniper
    We Done
    Literal hamster mam
    Spot the red barn
    Cajun organ
    Do Nut son
    In the sprinkling of his doodoo
    Poo tang the dinner on

    Haters are jealous.

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    Religious Gal with Many Rooms

    Dark, Brand Of Soap
    Bittersweet fruit spin
    The Power of Kennedy's wife
    9th letter x 2 / 5th letter x 3
    Wet Shiny Things
    Addictive Female
    A Boy the opposite of South
    Many Rooms
    Loose Birther
    First Woman's Water
    They say you were something in those formative years...

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