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Thread: Depression playlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post

    I only recently learned that depression doesn't go that deep for everyone. I say it's how I live my life, accepting that there is a way to end it but choosing not to. I think some of the language that people use around suicide speak to the fact that they DO NOT know what it's like. Depression for some isn't temporary. It's life long.

    Generally speaking, however, I don't like slow songs.

    Juliana is talking about her dog, but I understand what she's talking about. Honestly, what keeps me from suicide is that I have experienced in my family. My husband's family has experienced it. I don't want to do that to my husband or daughter.
    I lost my dot privileges so let me say here.....

    Also JULIANA!!!! I was on a JH kick recently. Beautiful Creature

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    Happy Rhodes - Dying

    And I am safer than I've ever been, on this solitary rock of mine
    I'm waiting for my ship, for my ship to come in
    and I won't leave before it does
    I can only hope that when it comes, the captain lets me on to sail the blue

    Maybe I need to feel some sunshine here in my heart
    Maybe I could learn to control my fears long enough

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