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Thread: Depression playlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post

    I only recently learned that depression doesn't go that deep for everyone. I say it's how I live my life, accepting that there is a way to end it but choosing not to. I think some of the language that people use around suicide speak to the fact that they DO NOT know what it's like. Depression for some isn't temporary. It's life long.

    Generally speaking, however, I don't like slow songs.

    Juliana is talking about her dog, but I understand what she's talking about. Honestly, what keeps me from suicide is that I have experienced in my family. My husband's family has experienced it. I don't want to do that to my husband or daughter.
    I lost my dot privileges so let me say here.....

    Also JULIANA!!!! I was on a JH kick recently. Beautiful Creature

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    Happy Rhodes - Dying

    And I am safer than I've ever been, on this solitary rock of mine
    I'm waiting for my ship, for my ship to come in
    and I won't leave before it does
    I can only hope that when it comes, the captain lets me on to sail the blue

    Maybe I need to feel some sunshine here in my heart
    Maybe I could learn to control my fears long enough

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    Rainbow Girl by Giana Factory.

    A songs about the shell you build to hide depression.

    "Monday she feels sad and blue
    So she tries to find the same colour shoe
    Tuesday is fake so she stays in her bed
    With a lipstick she paints a smile big and red."

    Endless Sleeper by the Raveonettes

    This song is not about suicide per se, but if someone or something were to kill you in that given moment, would you even try and stop it?

    "Nowhere to run, in your dreams you are aimless
    Nowhere to hide, in your dreams you are useless
    How do you sleep, when in dreams you are careless
    How do you wake, when your sleep it is endless."

    Le Fleuve by Noir Desir

    More water and suicide.

    Quand la nuit s'étend, elle se laisse tomber au hasard - elle enveloppe et elle sape les carcasses atroces
    Et si tu peux te perdre du côté du fleuve, il te calmera jusqu'à ce que tu ne puisses plus respirer
    Comme elle est belle la ville et ses lumières seulement pour les fous
    Celui qui veut, il la découpe en tableaux
    Là c'est l'heure ou le silence balance sur les eaux du fleuve
    Le rythme des horloges qui pourissent

    "As night falls, it falls at random - she envelops and undermines the remains of atrocities.
    If you can lose yourself at the banks of the river, it will calm you until you can't ever breathe again.
    The beauty of my city and its lights burn only for the fools.
    For those who want, it can be cut into images.
    Now it's the hour when silence balances the waters of the river.
    The rhythm of the clocks that rot them"

    Wind in the Wires by Patrick Wolf

    Patrick plunged into a depression after his first album, out of which came his second. The title track to me means attempting to feel something instead of the vast, dark emptiness. It appears to be about a person on the edge of a cliff, experiencing storm. It has a lot of water images that I've come to relate to depression.
    "Here comes a gale - a crippling anger
    Sea birds are blown into the rocks
    Grace is lost to thunder"
    The music is strangely uplifting, but the words speak of being held captive.
    Its ending offers no relief;
    "This wild electricity made static by industry,
    like a bird in an aviary singing to the sky
    Just singing to be free."
    The electricity here to me means thoughts and emotions that are trapped within you,
    and as much as you'd like them to get out, they are caged and you don't know yet how to.

    Zaz turns Blue cover by PJ

    Always took this song to be about depression with roots in post traumatic stress.
    It describes a something that starts out as a mundane struggle that turns into something with lethal implications, and also being off to war.
    Initially, the order of events isn't revealed, and it doesn't really matter.

    "But he didn't want to fight
    Didn't do it out of spite
    And he didn't want to die
    No he didn't want to die
    And he seemed kind of strange
    Could it be that he had changed
    On that night in the park
    When he fainted in the dark
    "Zaz didn't die, lucky guy
    But there were no parades
    How the glory fades
    Now he shoots lots of pool
    And as a rule
    Wears a silly grin on his chin
    It all started when
    Zaz turned blue"

    Solitude Standing by Suzanne Vega

    A personification of solitude that traps you indoors.

    "Her palm is split,
    with a flower with a flame."

    I once asked Suzanne personally what this meant, and she revealed to me the inspiration came from an educational video they showed her in school, about drugs. The explained it like fire from a gas furnace; it looks beautiful, like flower, but in reality it is really dangerous. There may be a familiar comfort in darkness, solitude and isolating yourself, but it can also be very dangerous.

    Packing Blankets by Eels

    This is about that positive voice from someone close, someone who means well, but doesn't really understand the situation.
    They think you can just up and go away and leave yourself and your depression behind. They see it as a physical state that you can run away from.

    "Cross when the drawbridge light is green
    Don't look back to that messed-up scene"

    "Replies are a combination of nonsense, unrelated comments and inside jokes"‎

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