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Thread: "Awards" Season 2017/2018

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    Green Book?

    An atrocity.

    No, seriously. This article is damning. But the good news is that a friend of Shirley is completing a documentary that apparently tells the real story.
    And it's going to be how do we think government should work and who do we think government should work for?

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    Reading that article... "Jim Crow south" came across as "Jim Carrey south" and given it was a Farrelly movie I was like omg they could have made it worse

    Terry Crews. Man, what did we do to deserve him? He's almost an anti-Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve SFM View Post
    I have no fucking desire to see Green Book. None. I see that movie coming.
    Preach! I could not agree more.

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    Still, I would advise anyone to see Green Book as well as that upcoming doc - just keep in mind that it is someone's short windowed perspective from second hand, not a full biography. Shirley was an extremely private person, and possibly queer; you don't necessarily show all of yourself to your family the way you do to others, especially not back then. In that regard, Edwin Shirley's story doesn't really invalidate Nick's story, it simply confirms Nick approached him and Shirley didn't want to be involved in a hollywood project about himself.

    "“I remember very, very clearly, going back 30 years, my uncle had been approached by Nick Vallelonga, the son of Tony Vallelonga, about a movie on his life, and Uncle Donald told me about it,” Edwin said. “He flatly refused.”
    At first, Edwin tried to get Dr. Shirley to reconsider Nick’s offer. “I remember suggesting to him that it might be a good idea, ‘you can be involved [with the making of the film],’ and he just flatly said, ‘No, absolutely not. I don’t want to have any part of that.’” Edwin remembered. “And so, I said to him at the time, ‘Well, perhaps you can set some conditions whereby you can be involved if they agree to certain things in terms of control for you,’ and what he said at the time was, ‘No matter what they say to me now, I will not have any control over how I am portrayed.’”

    "Tony Lip's son, Nick Vallelonga, told Don Shirley and his father that he wanted to make a movie about their experiences together. Shirley told him to do it but to wait until after he was no longer around. "You should put in everything your father told you, and everything I told you," Nick recalls Shirley telling him. "You tell exactly the truth, but you're going to wait until I pass." Nick believes that Shirley wanted him to wait because Shirley worried that telling the true story would out his sexuality."

    Kind of assumed the movie dramatizes a lot like hollywood biographies tend do (a lot), for example
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    I did pretty well on my GoldDerby scorecard.
    I got picture right, both screenplays, all the shorts and all the acting 'cept Actress but I had Coleman in second so I still get points for that... and I almost, almost moved her into winning. I just had this last minute feeling especially the reaction that Olivia got at the BAFTA's for her speech.
    I got editing right, too, which made me extremely happy as I thought I was taking a big chance. Damn, I wish I would have went with my gut with Actress.

    Green Book really wasn't a difficult choice for me. I figured it had all older member's votes and with Roma not in Editing that automatically told me IT couldn't win the big one. Then you have to figure a number of pictures split their #1 votes and cancelled each other out.
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