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Thread: "Awards" Season 2017/2018

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    Me neither - I thought A Star is Born was an overhyped piece of Oscarbait. It wasn’t a bad movie, but not an omg we have to give this awards NOW type of movie either. Gaga was serviceable. Bradley was really good. The screenplay had some real WTF moments. Like she angrily quit her job for being told she was late?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meowth View Post
    SAG nominations are out:

    I just don't get all this love for A Star is Born.
    Yay for Christian Bale and Melissa McCarthy!! I'm so glad he's getting love for Vice and she for Can You Ever Forgive Me?. A big WTF?! for the cast of Crazy Rich Asians getting nominated. Is this a vote of consolation for years of being outcasts from mainstream awards?

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    Surprised at the Star Is Born ambivalence. To me, it was pretty much a perfect movie, and had such a "classic" feeling: The love story, the stunning musical sequences, the incredible performances by both leads, the tragedy. Such a clear beginning, middle, and end. And, more importantly, so much heart. And I'm all in for Gaga, if not just for that final scene alone.

    But I understand that the Oscars are changing, and they are much more Moonlight and Birdman, than they are Titanic and Chicago. More Cannes-leaning in that respect. More artsy and niche. I honestly love that because it exposes me to movies I usually wouldn't see, but I do miss the classic Oscar best picture winner that the general movie-going audience seemed to love too.
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