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Thread: Most frequent songs (since respective release)

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    Most frequent songs (since respective release)

    So I was browsing and I noticed that each song, under the 'count' column also had a percentage next to the number of times the song was performed. I saw Big Wheel and Baker Baker next to each other and thought: "Surely Big wheel has a more impressive appearance rate, its only been around since 2007." So because I like to pretend like I have all the time in the world to do meaningless spreadsheets on excel, I came up with this:

    Its a ranking of all the songs that have been performed, but the % shown takes into account the songs release date.
    For eg.
    Hotel was performed 129 times, and there were 879 shows from 1998, onwards. (All data from this time, some 92/94 shows missing from toriset.) A bit of maths, and this gets us a 14.7% appearance rate. (Ranked 70)

    Here is the Top 30. (I did do all songs, excluding Non-SLG covers and special songs like Butterfly, Siren etc.,)

    1 Reindeer King (80%)
    2 Cornflake Girl (61)
    3 Precious Things (58)
    4 Big Wheel (48)
    5 Sorta Fairytale (37)
    6 Horses (35)
    7 Caught a Lite Sneeze (33)
    8 Crucify (31)
    9 Hey Jupiter (31)
    10 Me And a Gun (30)
    11 Winter (29)
    12 Iieee (29)
    13 Leather (28)
    14 Silent All These Years (28)
    15 Bouncing Off Clouds (28)
    16 God (28)
    17 Waitress (26)
    18 Bells For Her (25)
    19 Code Red (25)
    20 Tear In Your Hand (23)
    21 Beauty Queen (23)
    22 Fearlessness (23)
    23 Parasol (23)
    24 I Can't See New York (23)
    25 Space Dog (23)
    26 Bliss (22)
    27 Shattering Sea (22)
    28 Star Whisperer (22)
    29 Cruel (22)
    30 Wednesday (21)

    Reindeer King has the clear advantage of being a staple on the only tour since its release. (But I'm not mad its in the lead)

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    So here you've answered the question: Which 30 songs have been performed in concert most often, as a percentage, not in aggregate for all shows, but just those that occurred after the songs were released?

    Did I get that right? Interesting! (Fellow time waster/spreadsheet/play with data nerd)

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    Yeah thats right.
    (I actually did this for like 250 songs, but it would be too much to put here)

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    Very interesting, thanks!
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    I'm such a nerd for this shit, thank you
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