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Thread: Kate Bush - Remastered - November 2018

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    I definitely do not think that is her. Unless she grew new moles she never had before and had some work done to change her jawline and neck. ;-) The expression is similar but that's about it.

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    I saw that on FB and thought it was Jennifer Tilly

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    I think it's her. She seems to shun publicity but is still eccentric enough to have someone snap a shot of her at Glasto in full glam down.
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    Just got my Remastered in Vinyl IV box set and I'm very pleased with It. Nice thick vinyl and it flows much better when you listen to it like that, it was clearly idealized for the format. Some minor issues with Side 1 of the first B-sides disc, with a lot of hissing during WSDTM and You Want Alchemy. And RUTH 2012 still sounds awful, bassy and murky AF.

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