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Thread: Tori’s house in Ireland for sale

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    Tori’s house in Ireland for sale

    If you’ve got a spare 1.5 million euros, this could be for you.

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    Let's all band together and buy it to use as a commune!

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    I'm from Cork and this area by the river looks so beautiful. I bet Tori is gutted.

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    This is it, Tori has gone bankrupt. Mark and her are over. CLEARLY.
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    That house and countryside really is so gorgeous. I wonder the real reason she is selling it. Personally I've always thought vacation homes are weird; why would I want to vacation to the same place all the time? Maybe it really is just as simple as she doesn't go there much.

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    ^ likely true. remember all the covered furniture in that 2011 NOH tour (below). there was a VCR. they probably rarely go there. she just used it for the NOH shots cuz it's pretty (and a free venue at the time) and has meaning to her - but i bet the last time she was there prior to 2011 was 2005 The Beekeeper driving in her now extinct Saab to IRELAND.

    Ireland lyrics even say: "driving in my Saab, on my way to Ireland - it's been a LONG TIME, and LONG TIIIIMMMMEEE" [since I have been to my home there]
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    We still have never seen the inside of the Florida home like we have with the Ireland and Cornwall pads. (I don't blame her.)

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    Wow, I'm surprised she sells it but I guess she might spend more time in Florida these days with her mother. Plus she's not selling that many albums anymore so I bet three houses is a bit too much.

    They should've used NoH footage though. With Tash dancing around fire or Tori about to fall off the stairs.

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    If I had the money I'd snap it up. It's a dream.
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    And apparently that's also where Neil wrote Stardust:

    "she lent him a house to write in; he transformed her into a copper beech tree in the novel he was working on, Stardust."
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