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Thread: 2019 Rupaul's Drag Race

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    I hope the next to go are Latrice, Monet, Valentina.

    I'd be happy with Manila, Trinity, Monique, and Naomi as the top 4. It'd be interesting and four different styles of drag from very committed and talented artists. It's very much Manila v Trinity in my book at this stage.

    Monet is funny. Latrice has/had? charm, Valentina can turn a look.

    But they're not rounded performers in the way the others are. When they're out of their element, it really shows. When the others are out of their element, they give their all and pull something out of the bag more often than they miss.

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    I fully endorse this. Manila, Trinity, Monique, and Naomi are where the real competition and talent is.

    I am over Latrice's entitlement and Valentina's shtick is so old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SloppyJane View Post
    I just realized that every All-Star winner so far has been white. Does that matter? Prob not, but I can imagine the producers would want a little more diversity.
    This season only features 2 white queens: Farrah and Trinity. And as fierce as she is, I just can't see Trinity winning over Manila. That said, if anyone other than Manila wins, I will have a fit!

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    Manila is definitely the Ben de la Creme of this season.

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    Not only is Manila kicking everyone's ass, but she's also grabbing the spotlight by feeding the producers with storylines and drama.
    A true pro that deserves the crown.

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    Why is everyone discounting Monet? She's done pretty well this competition and seems stronger than Monique for my money.

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