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Thread: US Elections 2020 - These little earthquakes. Here we go again.

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    Putting aside all of her TERRIBLE past, Tulsi attacked the most recent party nominee who is also a former SOS and First Lady. Fuck her. If you can't handle a little heat being thrown your way without that kind of response, you don't deserve the nomination. Grace and dignity. We are not the party of Trump. We do not insult party leaders, especially if they didn't use your name. You can respond, but you don't go full Trump and expect Democrats to rally behind you.

    Tulsi stans are going to be the Bernie stans of 2020. With predictably same results.

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    Tulsi Gabbard is ... not very sophisticated. Let's say she's just not operating with a very large chord library.
    She speaks very slowly in short, complete sentences.
    She's not impressing intellectuals and she's certainly not impressing democratic primary voters.

    But what HRC says makes a lot of sense because Tulsi is a good grab for everything that was stated. She looks the part, she's a veteran, currently in congress. And more importantly, she seems to have no problem attacking. Attack, attack, attack. (Russia particularly loves that)
    She has all the attributes to be a thorn in the side of a democratic nominee.

    What would it be like if a super liberal country tried to do this to Trump? Sarah Palin bots?

    That or like every debate stage, there is a Dennis Kucinich or a Ron Paul who is going to say the sky is purple when everyone else on that stage is saying blue. Difficult for the sake of being difficult and different. Tulsi Gabbard.

    I turned off the debate when she started spewing the Trump talking points on the Kurds.

    Mitt Romney, of all people, said it best on the senate floor "Once you jump in the ocean to save a drowning soul you don't turn around with the excuse you didn't have to jump it in the first place. It's a matter of commitment. ... Are we incapable of understanding and shaping complex situations? Russia seems to have figured out."
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    I read a good point yesterday that to be a Russian asset doesn't mean that you yourself are a deliberate traitor, that, like Jill Stein and Mike Flynn, there are pictures of you hanging out with Putin. In intelligence work it means someone who is helping that particular entity and its goals, not necessarily on purpose. So by that definition she is 100% an asset because not only does HER war-mongering align with Putin's goals, her mere presence on the national stage sows more discord amongst us.

    Accidentally being on Putin's side is not great, but yes, it is better than being like all of team Trump and literally being paid by him.

    Either way, fuck you and DROP OUT. She has a serious primary challenger in HI and I hope she loses that too.

    I mean, she lost me with the homophobia early on. Isn't that disqualifying enough? I know people grow and change but I also don't believe SHE'S grown and changed. I side-eye her allegedly LGBTQIA+ friendliness because it feels affected and not sincere.


    Stop it you dumb motherfuckers

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    I never saw Gabbard as a potential candidate for various reasons. Her recent sort of pro-Trumpish stance about Syria in the last debate really sealed deal for me. Bye girl.

    This whole "it's rigged" mentality annoys the shit out of me too.

    Yang can sit down now too. I'll give you and your family $1,000 a year if you vote for me, and a chosen few more money! Isn't that rather like buying votes?
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