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Thread: US Elections 2020 - These little earthquakes. Here we go again.

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    I always liked her. Always had a bit of a crush on her, actually. But she's smart, tough, and capable, and I'd love to see her get some payback.
    You are not burdening anyone who truly cares about you, by telling someone you feel scared by this. It is scary. Don’t try and be a hero, just be fucking afraid and tell someone. Jessica Barden

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    Donald Trump's campaign has a launched video series called "Truth over Facts" (a quote from Joe Biden),and if it's anything like the garble of the first episode, I fear, it's going to be very effective in a culture that bases itself on being #betterthanyou and being assholes. Where they got the idea that running a campaign against Joe saying he's incompetent and mediocre is anyone's guess. Just kidding...they got it from us.

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    I'll miss unf during the election.

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    Mitch's numbers aren't quite as bad, but they're not great. It's fairly close to the margin of error. And it's only May. CO looks likely to flip and I have faith in Maine that Collins could go. Mitch might not lose his seat, but he might lose the majority.

    This week, this month, this year has been awful, but seeing this poll, thinking about Trump losing and Mitch being at least knocked down a little, I needed a little bit of optimism.

    I know it's not a done deal. I just needed something hopeful to cling to today.

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