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Thread: Just discovered Kate Bush!

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    Just discovered Kate Bush!

    I should say I just discovered the power of her music, because I've heard it before, but it just never clicked until now. I liked This Woman's Work, and thought Running Up that Hill was fine, but really found her to be offputting overall. Then I had her Dream of Sheep Live video suggested in my Youtube videos the other day and gave it a watch because Tori has covered it, and I saw in the comments that the song was about a woman lost at sea and about to fall asleep. I was so haunted by the imagery of the video in that context, so then I listened to the Ninth Wave and was blown away. It was like something I never saw before finally clicked in her other songs that I'd known. I'd heard Man with the Child in his Eyes before and always though it was silly because of the video and her voice. All of a sudden it seems amazing. Running Up that Hill now seems like a stroke of genius that I never saw before. I've been discovering all these little gems from her catalog (still haven't heard a lot of it) - like the song Breathing. What?! Like how did I not ever hear this before. I'm so excited that I am able to see what others have been raving about for so long. I’m just blown away by what I’ve heard.

    I never knew she was discovered by David Gilmore - and Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands. Some of her music sounds like something they would have had on their best albums.
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