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Thread: A message about Unforumzed

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    ^ I hear ya. This is actually the one place where I can connect with reality. Oftentimes this place has felt more real than the real world. I will miss it ever so dearly to read all of you. Message boarding isn't dead by a long shot if I look at other themes like history, or gaming - I just think that Tori fans in general are more of the "Facebook"-type. Except us. Who will wither away as cyberfossiles like Napster, ICQ, Windows '95 and Netscape Navigator. RIP.
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    There was never anything wrong, it was just a rapid-fire attack of online trolls. Facebook said I was proven to be innocent of any wrongdoing.

    In fact, my neighbors are coming over to help us clean up our yard. It's wonderful. I have full medical now and I can travel anytime I want. My family couldn't absorb their *own* shock that quickly and they worried too much.

    I'm so sorry I worried you guys. I'll have more time here now.

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    So where do we go from here? Although this forum has been slowly dying off during the last ten years, it has been a nice place to discuss music, mostly focused on alternative pop artists Tori, Kate, Joanna etc. There's the Popjustice forum but it's more devoted to contemporary mainstream pop. However, they do have more or less active threads for Tori and Kate, as well as many other unforumzed artists. There's the forum but where else do people go? Suggestions?

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    There are many Facebook groups as well as a Reddit group that was started.

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