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Thread: A message about Unforumzed

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    ^ I hear ya. This is actually the one place where I can connect with reality. Oftentimes this place has felt more real than the real world. I will miss it ever so dearly to read all of you. Message boarding isn't dead by a long shot if I look at other themes like history, or gaming - I just think that Tori fans in general are more of the "Facebook"-type. Except us. Who will wither away as cyberfossiles like Napster, ICQ, Windows '95 and Netscape Navigator. RIP.
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    There was never anything wrong, it was just a rapid-fire attack of online trolls. Facebook said I was proven to be innocent of any wrongdoing.

    In fact, my neighbors are coming over to help us clean up our yard. It's wonderful. I have full medical now and I can travel anytime I want. My family couldn't absorb their *own* shock that quickly and they worried too much.

    I'm so sorry I worried you guys. I'll have more time here now.

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