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    Album Rank 2020

    It is a new decade! What is your Tori album rank and your favourite personal stand out song(s) from each album (like a few songs you would play to a friend from each album to give them a taste of why you like the album)?

    The big change for me is Scarlet moving up to number 3. It used to be after Pink and Venus and even Native Invader - like number 6 in my album list. But now I just adore it. And I am being harsher to TBK, ADP and AATS as albums as a whole. I have put the albums into tiers as they sometimes switch places and I do love many of them equally...

    Tier 1 - Amazing!
    Little Earthquakes - Little Earthquakes & Precious Things & Mother & Winter
    From the Choirgirl Hotel - Hotel & iiiee & Northern Lad & Liquid Diamonds & Jackie's Strength
    Scarlet's Walk - Crazy & I Can't See New York & Fairytale & Sweet Sangria & Virginia & Strange
    Under the Pink - Past the Mission & Bells for Her & Pretty Good Year & Yes Anastasia
    Boys for Pele - Horses & Caught a Lite Sneeze & Putting the Damage On & Hey Jupiter
    Native Invader - Reindeer King & Bang & Bats & Benjamin & Climb & Cloud Riders
    To Venus and Back - 1000 Oceans & Lust & Riot Poof & Suede
    Unrepentant Geraldines - Selkie & Forest of Glass & Oysters & Dixie & Weatherman & America

    Tier 2 - Amazing but not as good as tier 1
    Night of Hunters - Shattering Sea & Fearlessness & Carry & Star Whisperer
    Strange Little Girls - Real Men & Raining Blood & New Age

    Tier 3 - Quite good
    Midwinter Graces - Holly, Ivy and Rose & Our New Year & Winter's Carol

    Tier 4 - Lots of potential and lots of guilty pleasures on these - but I don't really love them as albums - seem more like B-sides albums to me. They feel like misses to me. I would recommend the 11 albums in the first 3 tiers to new listeners, but not these 3
    American Doll Posse - Drive all Night & Beauty of Speed & Mr Bad Man
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Flavour & Give & Fast Horse & Ophelia (yes - really)
    The Beekeeper - Martha's Foolish Ginger & Garlands
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    Uhhhhh.... hrm. I haven’t been listening to a lot of T lately but I’ll give this a go.

    Boys for Pele - Blood Roses, Professional Widow, Father Lucifer
    Scarlet’s Walk - Amber Waves, Good Dust
    Under the Pink - Pretty Good Year, Space Dog, The Wrong Band
    Native Invader - Reindeer King, Mary’s Eyes, Wildwood, Climb
    From the Choirgirl Hotel - i i e e e, Cruel
    To Venus and Back - Juarez, Riot Poof
    Little Earthquakes - Winter, Mother, Little Earthquakes
    Strange Little Girls - New Age, Real Men, Strange Little Girl

    Night of Hunters - Battle of Trees, Job’s Coffin, Edge of the Moon
    Unrepentant Geraldines - Unrepentant Geraldines, Invisible Boy, America
    Midwinter Graces - Our New Year, Winter’s Carol, What Child Nowell

    The Beekeeper - Parasol, The Beekeeper, Toast
    American Doll Posse - Bouncing off Clouds, Body and Soul, Beauty of Speed

    Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Flavor
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    ***Blessing From the Heavens***
    Boys for Pele - Blood Roses, Professional Widow, In the Springtime of His Voodoo

    ***Really Really Fucking Good***
    From the Choirgirl Hotel - Cruel, Hotel, Northern Lad
    Under the Pink - Pretty Good Year, God, Space Dog
    Strange Little Girls, New Age, Strange Little Girl, I’m Not in Love

    Little Earthquakes - Girl, Tear in Your Hand, Little Earthquakes
    To Venus and Back - Juárez, Suede, Spring Haze
    Scarlet’s Walk - A Sorta Fairytale, Carbon, Virginia
    Native Invader - Reindeer King, Broken Arrow, Wildwood

    Unrepentant Geraldines - America, Wedding Day, Unrepentant Geraldines
    Night of Hunters - Shattering Sea, Battle of Trees, Star Whisperer
    American Doll Posse - Bouncing off Clouds, Body and Soul, Dragon

    ***Burn It Please***
    The Beekeeper - Martha’s Foolish Ginger, The Beekeeper, Parasol
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Abnormally Attracted to Sin, Flavor
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    01. Boys for Pele
    02. Scarlet's Walk
    03. Under the Pink
    04. From the Choirgirl Hotel
    05. Little Earthquakes
    06. Strange Little Girls
    07. Unrepentant Geraldines
    08. Native Invader
    09. Abnormally Attracted to Sin
    10. To Venus and Back
    11. The Beekeeper
    12. Night of Hunters
    13. American Doll Posse
    14. Midwinter Graces
    15. Gold Dust

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