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Thread: just me and my photo thread..

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnderTheFunk View Post

    In this one, there's an optical illusion happening for me, which makes it appear the water is rippling & moving.

    I enjoyed all of these, and can see why you go back every year.

    Thanks, now that i stare at it it does look like that doesn't it! Photobox do 45 x 30 inch prints (they had 80% off recently - just a tenner!!), and i'm so tempted to get one done and have it on the wall at the foot of the bed so i wake up to that every morning! Prob is i can't get a frame big enough, so would just have to stick it on the wall
    I just wish the lens hadnt made the lighthouse look like its leaning a bit, new camera you see so i kind of forgot that this one is wider angle than im used to so it kind of curves things But i still love it

    I wish i was there now *deep sigh*

    Quote Originally Posted by just me View Post
    ^ thanks

    It's that time of year again where i post the piccies i took while away in july, i always go to the same place - which means ipctures can end up similar each year.... but i do try and take some differentish as well But it was HOT this year so didn't really take as much as i would have done usually!

    But here's some i took during July this year
    Apart from trying some smooth water and stuff, i mainly just took snaps i guess. did i say it was hot?!

    (despite my waffle, feedback is appreciated, bit of a crisis of confidence with my photography lately (long story))

    these 2 are on the way to llanberis waterfall, beautiful hidden gem

    bloody long slog on a too hot evening to get to here on anglesey!

    bit of wildlife - i was so stoked to see Puffins! And to be so close to Sammy the seal (which is what we always call any seal we see in the sea.... doesn't really work when there's dozens of them at once!)

    Conwy Castle - i love this place, as the repetitive photos i take each time i'm there prove ahem!

    Aber Falls - wonderful huge waterfall

    And Puffin Island - my favourite place to be anywhere ever.

    (yes... i'm mad For the last couple of years i've taken away mini cut outs of my cats to take the occasional comedy photo such as this!)
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    anyway, some funny pics to post -

    last year i did a photo a day project, mentioned it a few pages back when on about the one i did in 2007. But last years had a different theme each month, and cos i was running short of ideas by september, sept ended up being comedy photos of soft toys!

    Such as Kermit brushing his teeth!

    And Flat Eric with his booze!

    Gonzo out for a stroll!

    so ummm yeah, there's a whole months worth of stuff like this! (i have a strange sense of humour btw.... )
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    not posted in this forever, but while i can't sleep (zzzz it's 2.45am) looking at some of my pics and posting these 2, not good pics - but happy pics.

    both these, in the same day..... perfect!!!! made a bad time seem ok for a while. Champions AND Tori, hours apart

    about 5pm... 11 May 14

    about 9pm... 11 May 14

    (not a good tori pic cos i don't usually take gig photos at her shows, so just got a quick blurry one cos of the day being extra special then put it away again)
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    a few from July this year, an old disused copper mine gave off some very moon like vibes

    (Parys mountain on Anglesey - takes very golden orange mars like landscape actually, but my faves that i took were the b+ws!)
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    i haven't made a post in here in 16 months! Bloody hell!!!! Where'd time go... i miss the days of forums being busy, before facebook and all that crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just me View Post

    And Flat Eric with his booze!

    I once photographed mine reading James Joyce.

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