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Thread: iPhone 4

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    It really depends on what you plan to use it for. I don't keep music on mine because I have an iPod for that, so that cuts out a lot of the reason for lots of storage. The HD videos and pictures that you take with the camera will eat up quite a bit of space but they are easily downloaded to your computer and then they can be deleted from the phone to free up space. That leaves the operating system and apps. I think 8GB is too small. I gave both my cousin and my grandma 8GB iPhones and they filled them up fast.

    I'd recommend at least 16 if you can afford it. I have 32 but it's because I take a lot of pics and video. I don't really have more than 15 or so apps, but the more of those you keep, the more storage you'll need. As the OS gets more advanced and the screen resolution gets higher, the file size of the apps themselves keep expanding.

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    I would also suggest going for at least 16GB.

    I've always been a tad obsessive about making sure I have plenty of free space on my computers and devices.. so I'm really glad I found PhoneClean.

    This drive is a great solution if you need additional/external iPhone and iPad storage. It makes getting files to and from devices super easy and runs on its own little WiFi network (no internet required).

    iFunbox is another tool I just found for managing apps when you don't want to deal with iTunes, and it has some capabilities I needed that iTunes doesn't have, such as recognizing folders from my PC.

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    If you're investing anyway and want to be running the newest iOS in two years time, I'd err with avoiding any 8gb model.

    Should help that retail value on 4s (which was the last model to offer the 8gb option) breakdowns a diminutive dollar difference between 8gb/16gb models currently.

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    I think I've settled on iPhone 5c (it's not as expensive as the 5s and since I am brand new to smartphones I don't feel I require the absolute top of the range) but now there are decisions to make on colour


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    I'd go with white.

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