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Thread: Tori Amos' infinite playlist thread

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    we stand in the Atlantic yoshi's Avatar
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    1. Beauty Queen/Horses
    2. Icicle
    3. Caught a Lite Sneeze
    4. Bells for Her
    5. Muhammad My Friend
    6. Hey Jupiter
    7. Precious Things
    8. Doughnut Song
    9. Pretty Good Year
    10. Space Dog
    11. Happy Phantom
    12. Winter

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    and it sounds like all our lives Kari's Avatar
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    From the first three?

    1. Silent All These Years
    2. Precious Things
    3. Tear in Your Hand (I find that even casual fans love this song)
    4. Winter
    5. Pretty Good Year
    6. Past the Mission
    7. Cloud on My Tongue
    8. God
    9. Caught a Lite Sneeze
    10. Hey Jupiter
    11. Marianne
    12. Doughnut Song

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    ^ yours is almost the same as mine except for 3 songs. But I agree about Tear In Your Hand, I always liked that she included that on Tales. I would swap it with Crucify, which a lot of people seem to find dated (not me though, I love it) ETA: and the single mix is a definite no.

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