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Thread: Tubal ligation

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    I just had my procedure done a few hours ago. It was a BREEZE. I feel very very mild bloaty cramps now. Like minor menstrual cramps. During the procedure was like bad menstrual cramps, but that only lasted the duration of the procedure, maybe 7 minutes. This is awesome. No more babies!!!!

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    I'm just going to copy past my just now conversation with Steph about this because it's easier to do that and edit a bit than retype it all

    LADIES! Those of us who have gotten the Essure coils, I would like to pick your brain with how you are feeling with your Essure. It's been 5 years since I had mine done. I've been having troubles for a long while with different things (depression, unable to lose weight, hair loss, severe anaemia, migraines, weird cycles etc) and I've been dismissing it as this or that. I've had full blood, hormone panels done etc and there is clinically nothing wrong with me.

    Essure has been in the news and making rounds on FB a lot. It came up in a conversation with Kev because he was in NYC last weekend and had seen a bunch of stuff on the news about it (we totally don't have tv). He asked if I had heard anything about it and I was like no, but Friday I saw no less than 6 people reposting some "it happened to me" posts from others going viral on FB

    I know it's Dr. Google, but I just went through a pretty comprehensive list of confirmed and reported side effects of Essure coils. It's pretty um, scary. I'm starting to wonder if I need to start looking at the coils being a concern. I've never had any of the really obvious problems with them (implants have moved/dying from pain, severe bloating, bleeding etc) but more of the quieter little things that you maybe don't notice day to day but when put to a list add up. The side effects I have I can easily pass off to other stuff. I'm getting older, menopause is on the horizon, I've got old injuries that are flaring up and causing me troubles, I'm a ginger so I've always had anaemic issues. So I'm just curious if you have experienced anything adding up or major that could be attributed.

    I'm calling on Monday my doctor, as well as the doctor who performed the implanting, to get the ball rolling on an abdominal x-ray and to have another bloodwork panel done to see if there have been any changes in the past 6 months. Hopefully i get at least start to get some answers, but also part of me is ok to stay in the dark too because removal is going to present a whole new problematic situation for myself because I don't think I'm ok with having a full TAH.

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