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Thread: kindsay lohan drama llamas! off to jail!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    FOR REAL. Put any other moderately talented young woman in that part and the movie still would have been amazing. Actually, the irreplaceable talent in that film (besides Tina Fey's writing) is Rachel McAdams - and we know she's got chops. I've never seen anything indicating that Lohan is anything more than a once perky and competent actor who got progressively worse over time.
    Rachel McAdams is like the polar opposite of Lindsay. There's a woman who has everything together. When she was still in school she won regional awards for figure skating, was active in sports, served on student council, participated in CrimeStoppers, was a member of the Peer Helping Team, and began acting in school and other local productions at the age of 12. She went on to get her degree in Fine Arts and is now heavily involved in environmental activism as well as being a professional actor. (Thank you, Wikipedia. )

    To be fair, she probably had better parents (not that that's hard). Lindsay Lohan's parents are crap from what I can tell, and though I don't want to be so presumptuous as to psychoanalyze her or anything, are probably a big part of why she's so troubled.

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    I absolutely think that's true. Michael and Dina are a pair of loathsome fame whores. It's not like she bears no responsibility; indeed, ultimately, she bears COMPLETE responsibility. (And she'd better accept that if she wants to truly recover.) But the 'rents have been huge obstacles.

    And honestly, I think she showed a lot of potential. I mean, she was never on the Jen/Shai level, but she could have been a solid working actress on a really good TV show or something. Now? I just hope she can survive. Be a nice C list celebrity or something. A SOBER C list celebrity.
    At my core, I think we're gonna be OK.

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