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Thread: The Underrated/Overrated Thread

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    Hiya Cath!

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    Bumping up this thread after reading this Buzzfeed list to say that The Hour accomplished more in two seasons than Mad Men did in seven. Also, Dominic West is Jon Hamm's superior on every conceivable level, and on some inconceivable ones as well.

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    ^ I would add Nighty Night to that Buzzfeed list.

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    I love The Hour.

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    I despise Ryan Gosling...went to see the new Blade Runner yesterday and for me, he ruined it. Especially after La La Land and Only God Forgives, I'll think twice now before I go see another movie with that actor

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    While looking at all the promotional material for Darkest Hour, I couldn’t help but wonder why I’m going to have to put up with Gary Oldman’s dreadful scenery chewing for two hours, when Jim Broadbent is right there, and would have surely delivered a performance for the ages as Winston Churchill. I thought they each provide a perfect example of what this thread is about.

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