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Thread: Which album do you like better - TBK or ADP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUHN View Post
    generally they are both regarded as her worst albums .
    I don't regard either as her worst. I adore TBK and like ADP, though both suffer with great songs being butchered in the studio.

    AATS is the real shitfest as far as I'm concerned
    ~just an underwater thing~

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    A Matter Of How You See It Kala's Avatar
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    I think TBK has aged much better than ADP.

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    TBK aged SO MUCH BETTER than ADP.

    I played TBK a lot back then when it was Tori's most recent album (or maybe ADP had been released shortly before?) and I still have warm feelings for it. Being a Tori newbie I had no reasons to be disappointed by the saccharine style she was going for, even though I was drawn to her because I found Pele and Pink so intriguing. I mean I avoided songs like "Cars and Guitars", "Ireland", "Goodbye Pieces", "Hoochie Woman", "Ribbons Undone", "Sleeps with Butterflies", "Original Sinsuality" and "Jamaica Inn" from the beginning buuut the rest I loved feverishly.
    It stood out from everything else I normally listened to and it was also the most mellow and "pop" record I had ever bought.
    Oh, and "Toast" is on par with "Gold Dust" for me.
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    TBK aged so much worse than any of the others for me. I have zero compulsion to listen to most of those songs, I think I like it even less than AATS now. Even the good ones, like Parasol, I'll often go with a live version instead. There's nothing feisty on the album either -- Barons? The ending ruins it. Witness is the most elevator-music sounding thing ever. Hoochie Woman is kind of fun but totally stupid.

    I have not been in the suburban garden Soccer Mom mood that this album puts me in, at all lately. ADP at least has some power-pop songs that, while the production is a major blunder, are actually fun and catchy sometimes. I legit still love Miracle, BOS and BOC.

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    Way Up North, UK
    TBK is polished pop-fest of cute upbeat songs about death, betrayal, loss and fear of aging
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    Militia of the Mind toriMODE's Avatar
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    I don't consider most of TBK as pop.

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    Robbing the muse... Beelust's Avatar
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    I went with ADP. I at least can look back on this album of just Tori playing around with personas and dressing up and having fun. There are more songs on the album I enjoy/love compared to TBK. Both albums have embarrassing moment though.

    Bouncing Off Clouds
    Digital Ghost
    Mr. Bad Man
    Girl Disappearing
    Father's Son
    Code Red
    Roosterspur Bridge
    Beauty of Speed
    Almost Rosey
    Smokey Joe
    Drive All Night

    BEATS the below to me...

    Jamaica Inn
    General Joy
    Mother Revolution
    Martha's Foolish Ginger
    Goodbye Pisces
    Mary's of the Sea

    The other songs on both albums don't do very much for me...
    Robbing the muse...

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    i empty out a void stoneforest's Avatar
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    i like adp better than tbk but neither one is a masterpiece.

    adp has plenty of (mac and) cheese but there are actually some decent pop songs underneath that muddled production. with better production values and a lot of editing, this could have possibly been a groovy glam rock voyage. as is, it's just a fun although sorta embarrassing pop record. of course, it isn't without its lows..."you can bring your dog" is hardly forgivable and i dislike "dark side of the sun" very much (those vocals on that chorus? yikes! and the "fast food on the moon" lyric makes me cringe.)

    fave tracks: "secret spell," "father's son," "miracle."

    tbk is such a low after the high of sw. it theoretically could have been a pretty far out concept album (tori crashes alice's garden tea party with plenty of shrooms by way of the gnostic gospels, african choirs, and tribal drums) but in the end, she unleashed "ribbons undone" and "hoochie woman" upon the world. tbk is and always will be carousel tamer.

    fave tracks: "parasol," "the power of orange knickers," "jamaica inn."
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