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Thread: Kate Bush bits and bobs

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    How fun! Headline: "Hundreds of Kate Bush fans across the world recreate “Wuthering Heights” video: Watch"

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    Tori fans need to get their act together and do the SATY video. Hundreds of people spinning against walls in ugly fluorescent dresses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherNamedErised View Post
    I really hope she actually does us a favour and puts the remasters up on streaming services. It's a little ridiculous how bad she is with stuff like that - Apple Music and Spotify don't have any of her b-sides, non album tracks, or live work. You can't even stream the second disc of Aerial or any of Before the Dawn.
    Before the Dawn is on Spotify.
    Sometimes I think the so-called "experts" actually are experts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waylon View Post
    Before the Dawn is on Spotify.
    Not the Greek Spotify, at least. Good to have you back, BTW.

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