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Thread: Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis and related

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    ^ yes! I love the tarot card designs that come up for each song on Spotify mobile. I actually think I would’ve preferred one of them or others from the official audio stills as the album cover.

    Also, this review from the Atlantic is beautifully written. An excerpt:

    Guitar fuzz blurs into the sound of a dial tone that’s sustained for 20 seconds, requiring listeners of the text-message era to, for once, hear and feel and think about what it means to be disconnected. So ends the title track of Jenny Lewis’s On the Line, and the trick says a lot about this terrific album by one of this millennium’s most reliable rock figures.

    For one thing, the retro aesthetic of the landline—so familiar, so obsolete—fits the sturdy, big-tent classicism running throughout On the Line. Ringo Starr plays drums on two songs; references to Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones appear in the lyrics; and the equipment of Frank Sinatra and Carole King was used during the recording process. The music has a proudness—bold rhythms, finely considered melodies, plummy instrumental passages—uncharacteristic of the indie and emo tags that might erroneously remain attached to Lewis from the former child actor’s days in the early 2000s band Rilo Kiley.

    The telephone effect also carries forward the song—and the album’s—story. To some man who’s leaving her, “Jolene”-style, Lewis pleads, “Before you let her under your sweater, tonight / listen to my heart beating / … / on the line.” The phrase on the line might be idiomatic—conveying how the stakes feel life-and-death when it comes to love—but it’s also concrete. The receiver is to her chest, and the person on the other end of the line has hung up.

    The title track On the Line is fucking gorgeous. It’s my #1 song on the album at this point. I’ve been playing it like crazy. I really don’t think there’s a weak song on the album though. They all sound so carefully crafted.

    It’s really nice to see that the album is getting such stellar reviews across the board. She’s been doing a ton of promo and interviews around it too and it’s great to see so many of them mentioning how influential she and Rilo Kiley were too. This album feels like a major career moment for her, like a culmination and a monument to her craft as a songwriter.
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    Thanks for sharing!

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    I went to another borough just to get the blue vinyl edition of this yesterday. I haven't given it a spin yet, but I'm really excited to listen to it given all the rapturous reviews. I also read that Pitchfork profile ... she's had quite a life!

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