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Thread: The DNC Deathwatch Thread

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    ^Absolutely. The moderate left, progressives, and the left in general are way too busy splitting hairs to put differences aside and work together for the greater good!

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    If funny John Kerry showed up in 2004, maybe we wouldn't have had 8 years of W...

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    Apparently there was significant outreach to African American and millennial voters that the Dems kept quiet about until after Jones won.

    Perez highlighted the DNC’s quiet strategy in Alabama, a $1 million investment in millennial and black voter turnout that was not advertised until the election was won. That was just one of the efforts that paid off for Democrats in Alabama, where new third-party groups including Woke Vote and BlackPAC engaged in weeks of voter persuasion and targeted messages.

    “They are underneath the radar, and that’s why they work so beautifully,” said Cornell Belcher, a pollster for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns who has warned Democrats that younger black voters feel taken for granted. “They didn’t just come in at the end and treat black voters like get-out-the-vote targets. They treated them like persuadable voters. They actually engaged on the top issue for African American voters, which is criminal justice reform. And they didn’t dance around the issue of police brutality.”

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