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Thread: The DNC Deathwatch Thread

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    The Bernie Bros are probably the main reason I don't see myself voting for him given the other options. His base is no better than the MAGA base.
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    Good christ just no

    Markey is fine as a Senator. Things not getting done are not Markey's fault, but McConnell's. What can Ginger Kennedy do that Ed can't? I'm not saying no one should ever challenge an incumbent, but Markey isn't bad. Why not go after Warren's seat? Oh, would that be too hard? Or, hear me out, should Warren get the Pres nom or VP, her seat would be open. And should it go to someone else and the Dem won, perhaps she'd get a cabinet position. So her seat could be up too without having to challenge her. Warren gets all the attention, but Markey's voting record isn't that out of sync with hers. He's not mediocre like Susan Collins or Manchin.

    And it's hard to make a case for needing a change when you're a Kennedy. Like... the one thing the people of Massachusetts are familiar with is a Kennedy in Congress. Maybe he's different in some ways than his predecessors but it doesn't feel like a breath of fresh air. It feels like nepotism and hurting the party for personal glory.

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    Democrats in VA fuck over unions, despite unions helping them win the house. Say what you want, but if you want to know why so many lefties are scared/pissed at Democrats, it's shit like this. Of the many political parties in the US, Democrats are notoriously known to have no spine.
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