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Thread: the walking dead (AMC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC View Post
    oh my god - what a boring last episode
    I just find myself not caring for any of these characters anymore...
    It was so bad! Everything was predictable and played out exactly like you would expect. The one unpredictable thing was the setup for next season. Unfortunately, that made absolutely no sense and was infuriating! On top of that, what's being set up is really boring stuff. I don't want that stretched out over 8 or 16 episodes.

    On the other hand, the season premiere for Fear the Walking Dead was fabulous!!! I loved it!!! I hadn't felt so good about a Walking Dead episode in a long time. I'm loving the new characters and the ending was pretty cool.

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    It was a horrible, awful season. But the ratings and the fan base make it too big to fail. We should already be at a point where the herd decreases simply because of the rapid decay of the body. Yea, their brains might be in zombie mode, but their skulls and jaws should really have nothing to support their weight at this point. And the herd is bigger? They haven't even moved into a bigger city where that could be possible. And one trip into the woods should make Gabriel run into a walker in less than 30 seconds. ahhhhh

    I thought the tease of the helicopters would lead to something really good.

    The bad thing for people who want to see good television is that theycould go 8 more seasons at this pace and gaining no ground except moving on to someone new to fight it out with.
    The good thing for people who love the show is it's going nowhere (the above^). And most Walking Dead fans are easy to please and pretty happy with what they get. Battles and Zombie killing. Then they take off to watch WWE Smackdown Live.\

    AMC should be renamed TWD.
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    I don't really care either... not the ones they show anyway... but I was happy to see how Eugene tricked them all. That was a twist I didn't see coming and it made me smile.
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    funny to see where the series follows the comics and where not. Makes me wonder if the skin wearing folk will show up one day

    the show has indeed moved into boring area. I'm a bit sad to say that even Carol, my favourite character, has turned a bit boring - I miss the episodes when she was exiled and conflicted about her murdering side. Jadis and Tara are other characters that intrigue me. And as for Rick, he bores me now. Once he was a good leader (and at times sexy), now, I'm just totally bored with him
    and I wanna see Jesus get it on with someone. Aaron or somebody else. Outdoor, in the mud

    as for Fear The Walking Dead - I think the show has it's moments, but I despise Nick...he looks like shit and ratty, hate his haircut (I was so glad when he seemed to cut it, but the next episode it was back to the ugly ways), hate his dramatic childlike character that acts like he has seen it all and the next moment behaves like a stubborn kid

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    I agree with the majority here that it was a pretty blah season with a pretty blah season finale. If it wasn't for Carl's death it'd be a pretty forgettable season all around. The Eugene betrayal B-story was pretty good though. As a reader of the comic book I wasn't surprised by the ending with Negan. I was kinda disappointed they didn't give Rick his broken leg. I guess the writers thought taking Carl away was damage enough.

    I may have to actually revisit FTWD now that Morgan is on the show. I skipped the entirety of S3.

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    Hot damn! This latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead was even better than the previous one!!!

    And dare I say it? It was much more entertaining than the season 2 premiere of Westworld!

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    I quit watching at the mid-season break and had no desire to pick it up again. Today they announced Andrew Lincoln is leaving halfway through season 9.

    I don’t know if it’s smart to try and continue the show without him. I see it totally fizzling out.

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    They just got a guarantee that everyone will watch this season to see how he dies! Might as well end it after....
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    Lauren Cohan is apparently leaving too.

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    I'm so happy Rick will no longer be on the show!!! I have been wishing for his death for a loooong time. It's just not wise to have the 'main' character be so boring, annoying and redundant. At the same time, I can also imagine the show feeling a bit weird without Rick in it, especially now that Carl is also not on it. I'm curious to see if The Walking Dead can improve, but at this point, it feels like all the characters have stopped having arcs.

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