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Thread: Apple Rumors!

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    People are camped out in front of the Apple store on Lincoln road. CRAZY!! I'm going to get the 6 in a couple of weeks. I need to upgrade-- I have an iPhone 4 that I've had since the 4 was released (3?4? years ago?) and it has grown a bit buggy and wonky, and the speed is painful, so it's time. Also, I''ve read that updating to iOS8 will probably fry my i4 :/
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    ^ Yes, it's already boiling my 4S and draining the battery!

    Will be getting the 6 delivered on Monday. Only my second experience with an iphone and first time to order an electronic device online (otherwise know as "I succumbed, but can't deal with crowds."

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    I'm not too keen on complaining about new updates, because I usually think of them as works in progress. But boy, the new iOS 8 is by far the worst thing that happened to the iPhone.
    Incredibly slow, drains battery life, all apps crash (even "Photos"!!!), the auto-corrector is utter shit. Ugh. And now it can no longer be downgraded!!!

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    Yeah my phone has been pretty much fucked since I updated. So badly that it forced a factory reinstall on me last weekend and it STILL runs like shit.

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    It has been terrible on my 5s. Everyone told me to Restore as New Phone but that would mean having to manually add back all my shit. No thanks.

    iOS 8.1 is in the works and should be out in a few weeks. It's rumored to fix some of the glaring issues (they're finally reinstating Camera Roll, which I miss, and hopefully fixing the slow/laggy WiFi issues) but I'm hoping the performance is tweaked too.

    I upgraded my work phone to an iPhone 6 and have not noticed nearly the same amount of issues, so I'm guessing iOS8 was optimized for the new phone and then Apple had an "oh shit" moment when they realized it crippled 5/5s/5c devices.

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