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Thread: Becka's Photo Thread

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    It's the light up shoes that really push that second photo over the edge. He truly looks like he is waiting to be beamed up. Genius.

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    Lots of fantastic shots in here, Becka!

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    Went to the Tulip Festival yesterday. It was HOT, sunburnariffic and the last weekend of it. Most of the tulips were pretty beat up, but I managed to find a few pretties!

    More behind the spoiler

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    Did a photoshoot tonight with my wonderful friend Sophie.

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    What a transformation! Beautiful photo too.

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    2012 IDFA Montreal Classic

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    BFF got married yesterday

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    Went to a Dock Dogs event on Saturday. If I ever get another dog after Dutchess, I totally know what I'm doing!

    More photos here

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    ^Love that one soooo much.

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    IMG_5753 by miaouphoto, on Flickr

    IMG_5743 by miaouphoto, on Flickr

    IMG_5701 by miaouphoto, on Flickr

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    Mike by miaouphoto, on Flickr

    Josee by miaouphoto, on Flickr

    Sophie by miaouphoto, on Flickr

    Sophie by miaouphoto, on Flickr

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    Did a shoot today with my friend J.

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