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Thread: Becka's Trophy Thread

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    hgahah i actually did have a wee tiny rum bottle but i figured it was probably a better idea not to include it *L*

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    Lucien has "grown" a moustache in honor of his grandpa for Movember. He's participating in a local 'Stache for Cash fundraiser that benefits the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

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    Hormone therapy?

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    no L'Oreal

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    LOL awesome! The whole Movember thing is happening around these parts too - while I find it amusing, I'm not sure how its raising anything other than laughs!
    chillin in kyoto grand with my man Skrill

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    ^ People sponsor the grower (or a team) and then at the end of the month, the money is turned into:

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    Some catchup photos since Christmas time!

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    Today we cheered on runners at the 2012 Winterman races. It was warmer than last years race (oh hai -25C/-13F) with a balmy -12C/10F but still damn cold. We cheered our friend on for 3 loops out of 4and change for her half marathon, then went inside for the War Museum and tanks.

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    Easter time!

    Dying eggs

    He really likes Skittles

    Egg hunting - he has some "special" powers of observation. I think he walked past this egg about 15 times before finally spotting it

    The giant golden egg contained a special trip to MTL to visit the biodome, insectarium & botanical gardens next month. We're going to play hooky from school/work, take the train and subways, stay overnight. It'll be fun!

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    We went out this morning to the Ottawa Farmer's Market and then to the park

    He got to sit on the wagon ride horse Sparky

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    4:52 finish today

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    Even though I am no longer attending my bootcamp, I am still involved with the program doing photography/helping with marketing. Last night I had to pop out to get a picture of the evening group and Lucien wanted to go with me. He thought he'd see some folks he knew but he only knows the morning folk. He had a good time regardless. He spent the first 10 minutes there running the meadow and then after rollcall the platoon was given 15 punishment burpees for absent with no notice members. Lucien immediately started doing burpees with them and shouted out, I HAVE 10 FOR YOU GUYS (we're allowed to give exercises to those needing some so we all finish at the same time).

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    Summer catchup

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    We went to the local haunted house for our children's hospital. It was Scooby Doo and the Lake Monster themed which was fun. just enough little scares for the kids but nothing too bad. At the end however, we found they had run out of candy... and instead were handing out erm.. car air fresheners.. I think his face says it all

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    Dying eggs this year

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