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Thread: Becka's Trophy Thread

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    We got free tickets today to the 2013 Women's hockey championship game of the US vs Finland.

    Lucien made it up on the Skycam twice. Needless to say it was the highlight of his day *L*

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    I got a fave for a different vimeo video today and I had completely forgotten I had ANY videos uploaded there... I found this one. I miss that little teeny voice.

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    Day Before Mother's Day Race. 1km with a buddy wrapping up his half marathon spring program.

    Loosh with his race bling. Half Marathon program medal on the very end

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    Cleaned up Loosh's art and school stuff from 2008 to this week. It was a bit mental but I got 3 shelves, a giant rubbermaid bin and other odds/ends all cleaned down into 5 construction paper folders which are now neatly stored in the bin.

    Some of the great things I found though. It's was great watching how he developed art from age 2.

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    Loosh had his first Surf n Turf race of the year today. He came in 4th overall and 2nd in his age group.


    Approaching the finish line

    Kid needs a hair cut *L*

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    Someone started Second grade yesterday...

    And turned SEVEN today

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    That's insanity. STOP GROWING, CHILD! What a cutie. Can I say that about a 7 year old? Should a switch to handsome young man??

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    I know.. I was like, i should probably stop calling him little.


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    DerpyDog taking her kid for a drag.

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    Someone had their first call from a girl today -sighs-

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    Though I am a 22 yr old guy, and apparently not a parent myself, I'd like to say that your kid's got a great hairstyle and looks so genuinely happy in all of these photos, and I suppose that has lots to do with you, so kudos for that!

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    7.5 going on too damn grown up

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    As summer winds down to an end... I realize my kid has grown like a weed. He's now 51" tall... I am only 63" tall... Pretty sure he's going to take after Dad in the height department.

    Tree Planting in June

    Partying the night away at a wedding

    First catch

    Just in general looking too much older

    Finishing his first triathlon

    My Little Hipster

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